Canon of French Published in World Literature Proust

The catalog of authors that his grandfather, father, and himself have published is a canon of French and world literature Proust , Camus and Sartre, Yourcenar and Modianon. Collections such as La Blanca or Folio are part of the vital and cultural landscape of any reader in French and are also a compendium of universal letters.

Antoine Gallimard(Paris, 73 years old), son of Claude and grandson of the founder, Gaston, is the president of the Gallimard publishing house and the Madrigall group, which includes labels such as Flammarion, POL or Casterman, in addition to several bookstores. Since his confinement in Normandy, Gallimard analyzes the effects on the book sector of the coronavirus crisis.

I distrust this vision, it is too final. It is always said, and the same behaviors return. It is true that, after the Second World War, there were parties and the desire to consume, but this did not mean that man became good. I don’t think the world is going to change, it would be too beautiful.

The weak link in the book chain is bookstores and small publishers. They are the expression of our diversity, of our wealth. I see a risk of concentration and the disappearance of the weak rather than a change in behavior.

The risk is real. The bookstores are closed now. In France, the publishers have agreed to postpone the payment dates, everything will be postponed for two months. Fortunately, 5 million euros have been mobilized through the National Book Center: it is a serious device, although still insufficient for me. If no serious solidarity effort is made with these booksellers, the bills will pile up. And, if they can’t pay, the whole chain will skid.

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