FNAC Could Not Pay the Future Bills

Look at FNAC, our first client. Luckily he has obtained a loan of 500 million euros guaranteed by the State in 70% If FNAC could not pay, imagine the difficulties we would encounter.

Which we have already spent on manufacturing costs and advances for the authors. If the bookstores could not pay, they could close, and many publishers, authors, printers would come behind In France, the sector as a whole employs around 50,000 people.

City without bookstores is extremely sad. For me, a life without bookstores is like a day without having a coffee and chatting with a friend. It’s essential. They must open, with the necessary security, of course.

This worries me less. We already have many competitors: audiovisuals, television series, the difficulty of isolating two hours to read a book. The world of books were already threatened by this excessively high consumption. It is true that there will be people with problems, with salary reductions or unemployed, but there will always be the means to buy a book. A book is not expensive: in pocket format, in France, they cost six euros. There is a desire to meet again with books. I’m not worried about the book, I’m more concerned about the network.

The problem is the reading time. But people have found that they could better manage their lives. We see it with sales in digital books, which have tripled. Leila Slimani’s book has sold more than 10,000 copies in three weeks online.

They are sold in large food stores. By failing to respect the distance necessary to protect employees, Amazon is in court. FNAC had a problem because La Poste [the French public postal company] was not moving its packages.

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