Impose Unbearable Conditions On Suppliers Entry

The point is that everyone follows the same rules. If Amazon respects the single price of the book, if it does not impose unbearable conditions on suppliers, there is no reason to prevent it from working. On the contrary.

When it develops what we call ‘marketplace’, that is, the sale of second-hand books, and proposes it to certain booksellers and others, it disrupts the market. It is unpaid for authors or publishers and becomes a problem.

Some professional consultation is required. Today, when we launch a novelty, we do it in communion with the booksellers, who are our book launchers. This is not the case with Amazon, which serves consumers with respect to their tastes and books that may interest them, but without the discovery and search side that is the salt of our trade.

Our turnover has fallen by 90%. We have kept 10% thanks to large grocery stores which in some cases also sell books and also small wine and cheese shops that sell books. It is a catastrophe. We regret that there is no direct sales system to the reader, an Amazon that respects our way of being and in trust complicity with the publishers for the launch of the books.

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